to save something valuable from damage, destruction, or loss.


the edge of a woven fabric that has been finished to prevent fraying or ravelling.

Originally started as a blog so I could keep myself in the loop of ethical and sustainable fashion while studying for my degree, I am now in the process of turning that blog into a real-life social business.

Through Project Selvage, I want to reduce the amount of textile waste that ends up in landfill. I also aim use different ways to make consumers aware of the ethical and environmental effects of the fashion industry. I believe that education is the key to change and that the power of consumers to revolutionise the fashion industry shouldn’t be underestimated.  

I believe in a world where neither the environment, nor the people creating our clothing are exploited, but are instead respected and nurtured during every step of the process.

I also believe whether or not you follow fashion trends is irrelevant. What happens in the textile industry is the responsibility of everyone who wears clothes. Deep down, nobody wants to buy clothing that harms people or our environment in some way.

I am an advocate for slow fashion, appreciating what we wear, where it came from and how it was made. I want to bring back the values of ‘make, do and mend’ by teaching people to value the items in their wardrobe and to reject the fast fashion, throw-away culture.

I want to ensure that Project Selvage will always be community focused, taking every opportunity to collaborate with other small businesses and have a positive impact on other members of the community.
Project Selvage will be at the forefront of sustainable and ethical fashion by:

  • Prolonging the lives of garments through upcycling and repair
  • Providing training and employment opportunities to disadvantaged members of the community
  • Building consumer awareness of social and environmental issues in the garment industry through presentations and interactive workshops
  • Providing a safe, positive and community focused work environment
  • Supplying customers with unique, high quality clothing and services, as well as the power to make ethical and sustainable purchasing decisions