Project Selvage creates upcycled clothing. That is, unique fashion for women using garments and trims that have been salvaged and re-purposed to create new, one-of-a-kind pieces. Basically, pre-loved garments are diverted from landfill and given a new, more stylish life.

The upcycling process:

For those of you who like a step by step, here is the process that goes into creating these beautiful garments:

  1. Garments are sourced from family, friends, the community or from op-shops.
  2. Everything is washed and checked for any stains or faults.
  3. The garments are taken apartĀ and re-styled, using patternsĀ and designs I draft myself.
  4. Any faults are repaired and final checks are done to make sure the clothing is like new again!

During the upcycling process, all excess fabric and sewing cut offs are kept and re-purposed for other garments. This enables Project Selvage to be as close to zero waste as possible.

The upcycled fashion range offered by Project Selvage is ever-changing and ever-evolving with new pieces added regularly. Sizes and styles will always vary- so if you see something you love, you better grab it quickly! Shop online now and ensure that you are part of the sustainable fashion movement!

Want to know more about the values and purpose of Project Selvage? Click here to find out what it is all about.