What is Project Selvage?

Project Selvage is a sustainable fashion brand based in Geelong, Victoria in the beautiful country of Australia. Project Selvage takes a holistic view of sustainability in the fashion industry, by not only reducing waste through upycling pre-loved garments, but also by offering customers services and information so that they can extend the life of their clothing. Project Selvage wants to educate people about the environmental effects of the fashion industry in order to help them make more ethical and sustainable fashion choices.

Project Selvage is passionate about reducing textile waste and creating a slow fashion industry, where clothing is repaired, cared for and treasured, rather than seen a disposable item.

You can read more about the upcycling process here.


Why create Project Selvage?

I believe in a world where neither the environment, nor the people creating our clothing are exploited, but are instead respected and nurtured during every step of the process. Thus, Project Selvage was created as an antidote to the fast fashion, throw away culture within the industry and to reduce the amount of textile waste that ends up in landfill.

I also believe whether or not you follow fashion trends is irrelevant. What happens in the textile industry is the responsibility of everyone who wears clothes. Deep down, nobody wants to buy clothing that harms people or our environment in some way.

You can read more about the founder, Shannon, here.

How does Project Selvage promote sustainable fashion?

  • Prolongs the lives of garments through upcycling, repair and care.
  • Builds consumer awareness of social and environmental issues in the garment industry through presentations and interactive workshops
  • Supplies customers with unique, high quality clothing and services, as well as the power to make ethical and sustainable purchasing decisions


So learn from Project Selvage. Join the conversation, inspire change and unravel the fashion industry.