meet the founder shannon threlfall project selvage upcycled fashion designerFounder: Shannon Threlfall

Project Selvage is a sustainable fashion brand founded in early 2017 and based in Melbourne, Victoria.

I am very eager to spread the word of sustainable fashion as far and wide as I can. It would be great to teach the community about the benefits of choosing quality, sustainable and ethical fashion, rather than environmentally destructive fast fashion garments.

My vision also includes making sustainability a core focus in fashion and textile courses offered at universities and TAFE’s across Australia.

We are on the cusp of a fashion revolution and it is an exciting time to be in this industry!

Why a sustainable fashion industry is my dream

The fashion industry is extremely detrimental to the environment in a number of ways:

  • Oil is used to produce and coat most synthetic fibres, such as polyester and nylon
  • 2,700 litres of water are required to produce just one t-shirt. That’s about the amount one person would drink in three years
  • Toxic dyes from factories are polluting the waterways of many poor garment producing countries, such as China and India, making it undrinkable for the locals. You can tell the colour of the season by the colour of the waterways

These are only a few examples of the environmental effects of the fashion industry. Once I knew this was happening, I couldn’t un-know it.

There are ways of producing garments, that don’t cause this kind of harm but people aren’t really aware of them or are not aware of the problems of conventional production. Therefore, I want to help people change their shopping habits and


My background in the sustainable fashion industry

I have an extensive background in the sustainable and ethical fashion industry, including qualifications in Applied Fashion Design, Fashion and Textile Merchandising, as well as a Bachelor Degree in International Business.

Over the course of a decade, I have focused all of my research, both within and outside of my studies, on sustainability and ethical issues within the fashion industry.

My research is in-depth in order to uncover both the good and bad practices within this industry. I have written many reports and articles which focus on these issues and am thus able to identify solutions for brands to work towards creating a more transparent, sustainable and ethical supply chain.

I also have practical experience working with many sustainable and ethical fashion brands, based both here in Australia and in Germany.

Apart from that, I have been upcycling since my early design days before upcycling even became a thing! Personally, it made sense to use clothing I already had or could find in op-shops, to create something new and unique for myself.


Work with me

I am available to conduct presentations and run workshops for community groups, as well as in schools, TAFE’s and universities about topics revolving around sustainable fashion.

For all enquiries and to book, please email me at or fill in the contact form here.



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