Are you a looking to gain experience and improve your skill set through an internship or some work experience?

Working as an intern at Project Selvage means working in a happy, respectful, flexible and supportive environment. You will be given the chance to really develop your skills and gain experience by having real responsibilities and clearly defined tasks.

You will have the chance to work on various projects and I encourage you to share any ideas you have to ensure the positive growth of Project Selvage.

As Project Selvage is a small business, you will have the chance to get very good insight into how the it all runs. I am always open to questions, have no problems with sharing information and am happy to have you there every step of the way.

I  believe in a compassionate and calm lifestyle, that encompasses working with a purpose and positive energy to make a difference in our community and beyond. You can read more about Project Selvage here.

To intern with Project Selvage, you don’t necessarily have to have an interest in the fashion industry. All I require are people who share my core beliefs, are keen to learn and have a positive attitude.

Whether you are a student, employed or unemployed or simply are looking for a way to expand your knowledge and experience, I want to hear from you!

Positions currently available:

Social Media internship:

Key Responsibilities:

  • Increase and constantly maintain social media presence across Facebook and Instagram
  • Interact with followers to communicate our plans and values
  • Develop and maintain social media campaigns
  • Develop content to post regularly

Blogging internship:

Key Responsibilities:

  • Keep up to date with current sustainable and ethical fashion news
  • Develop ideas and notes to use for blog articles
  • Regularly publish articles
  • Work with Social Media Volunteer develop content and publish posts regarding new articles

Events internship:

Key Responsibilities:

  • Help develop and organise events that educate and inform consumers about sustainability and ethical issues within the fashion industry
  • Manage and complete administrative tasks to ensure well organised events, which are delivered to a high standard
  • Work with the Social Media Volunteer to promote events
  • Develop and execute marketing strategies for promotion

Sewing/design internship:

Key responsibilities:

  • Cut and sew patterns
  • Learn the principles of upcycling and zero waste
  • Come up with designs based around these principles


If none of the positions above appeal to you, but you would love to work with Project Selvage, please don’t hesitate to send me an email. There are plenty of projects to work on and I am sure we can find some tasks that suit your goals and interests.


**Minimum time commitment required for each position is 4-6 hours per week

Project Selvage is based in Geelong, Victoria and most internship positions are available online.

If any of the above positions interest you, please send your resume and cover letter (outlining what position you’d like) to:

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