Project Selvage is an environmentally responsible company, motivated to reduce waste in the fashion industry. We take a holistic approach to sustainability, and that means we care about what happens to our clothing once you have purchased them.

When you buy our clothing, we want you to be able to treasure it for many years to come. Therefore, we would like to help you care for your clothing in the best possible way!

Did you know that it takes around four times the amount of energy to launder a polyester garment compared to the energy used in its production?

This means that you have a lot more power over the sustainability and longevity of your clothing than you might think. Small changes to the way you care for your clothing can have huge environmental impacts.

By extending the average life of clothes by just nine months, it could reduce carbon, water and waste footprints by 20-30%.

So choose quality garments, and the next time you are thinking about laundering you clothing, consider the environment and follow these clothing care tips:


clothing care guide laundromat project selvage


  • Wash less often. Most people wash their clothes much more often than necessary.
  • Hang clothes on the line to air out after wearing.
  • Care labels show the maximum temperature that a garment can withstand without compromising quality. Save energy by washing at 30 degrees, or in cold instead of warm water.


clothing care guide washing line project selvage


  • Use the clothes line to save energy and keep your clothes in shape.


  • Avoid ironing wherever possible by hanging your clothing out to dry as soon as they have been washed to minimise creasing.
  • Hang your dry clothing in the bathroom while you shower as the steam will often naturally smooth out any creases.
  • If you must iron, turn the garment inside out and take care to ensure you are using the correct settings for the fabric to avoid damaging the garment.


Fabric care



Wool is a natural fibre with self cleaning properties, so simply hang it outside and the breeze will remove odours.


clothing care guide denim jeans project selvageDenim

Unless there are any obvious stains on your jeans, you can avoid washing them for a very long time. But if you do have to wash them, use cold water and turn them inside out.



Silk garments can be hand washed in cool water, using a mild detergent such as Castile baby soaps or Wool Wash.

Soak the garment for no more than five minutes, gently swishing in the water.

Use a soft sponge to remove any stains.

To dry, roll the garment in a towel to press out excess water, then lay flat or hang. Silk will not lose its shape when it is hung, however wringing out the garment will damage the fabric.





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