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Upcycled Clothing: The Process of Creation

Project Selvage creates upcycled clothing. That is, unique fashion for women using garments and trims that have been salvaged and re-purposed to create new, one-of-a-kind pieces. Basically, pre-loved garments are diverted from landfill and given a new, more stylish life.

Internship/Work Experience Opportunities

Are you a looking to gain experience and improve your skill set through an internship or some work experience? Working as an intern at Project Selvage means working in a happy, respectful, flexible and supportive environment. You will be given

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Sustainable Hour: Project Selvage on the radio

Last week, The Pulse 94.7’s Sustainable Hour featured Project Selvage as part of their sustainable fashion special. I got to speak about all things sustainable and ethical fashion, including specifically about my work at Project Selvage and my motivation for

A Sustainable Fashion Industry: The Vision

A Sustainable Fashion Industry: The Vision

What is Project Selvage? Project Selvage is a sustainable fashion brand based in Geelong, Victoria in the beautiful country of Australia. Project Selvage takes a holistic view of sustainability in the fashion industry, by not only reducing waste through upycling

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